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Poverty can bealleviated with collective hard work. In order to implement the overall plan ofthe Party Central Committee and the State Council on winning the battle againstpoverty, on June 15th, the Launch Conference of “Power of Community”Consumption Poverty Alleviation Special Action was held in the conference roomof the Beijing State Council Office of Poverty Alleviation. 253 companies suchas Zhuhai Great Aim Property Consultant Co., Ltd. actively participated in thespecial action.

The special action aims to mobilize all localproperties and enterprises to participate in poverty alleviation activities.With the channel resources of urban communities, high-quality agriculturalproducts in poverty-stricken areas can be directly delivered from the place ofproduction to the dining table. On April 12th, China PropertyManagement Institute issued the Notice onLaunching the “Power of Community” Consumption Poverty Alleviation SpecialAction. Zhuhai Great Aim Property Consultant Co., Ltd. (hereinafterreferred to as “Great Aim Property”) signed up for action immediately. 

“We hope to do morepractical things for the people.” Xu Bin, general manager of Great Aim PropertyConsultant Co., Ltd. said, “With the continuous progress and development ofsociety, per capita income continues to rise, and the yearning for good thingsdrives us to pursue products with better quality. While the most original andtasteful green products are often more popular with consumers. Through thisproject, the original ecological products in poverty-stricken areas areintroduced to the market, which not only can help poor households, but alsoallow citizens to have access to better products.”

Themanagement team of Zhuhai Great Aim Property Consultant Co., Ltd.

It is understood that Great Aim Property was established onFebruary 2, 2000. It is a member of Zhuhai Property Management IndustryAssociation and a member of Guangdong Property Management Industry Association.It has the second qualification of National Property Management Enterprise andpassed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification.

Adhering to the service concept of “Navigation for life quality pursuers”,Great Aim Property has been actively improving its customerservice system since its establishment in the past 19 years. With the servicetenet of “high-quality service, professional management and satisfied owners”, GreatAim Property has advocated the working spirit of “unity, cooperation, dedication,devotion and pragmatism”, to constantly improve the Great Aim Property brand, and deliver high-quality and caring services to thousandsof households.

At present, theprojects managed by Great Aim Property include Zhuhai Yuehai InternationalGarden, Great Aim Building, Longteng Bay Villas, Nanwan International, LingfengInternational, Yunfu-Xingke International, etc. The property types coverhigh-end residential quarters, villas and offices. The various properties underits management have won many honorary titles at the provincial and municipallevels. Among them, Yuehai International Garden won the honor of “NationalProperty Management Demonstration Unit” and Nanwan International won the titleof “Excellent Residential Community of Zhuhai Property Management”.

GreatAim Property’s current projects

  Love beginswith the heart, and kindness begins with actions. Under the leadership of YangFeng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GreatAim Group, Great Aim Group has been activelycontributing to donations in the charitable fields of education, povertyalleviation, social assistance, basic medical care, etc. for 25 years. Accordingto incomplete statistics, in the past two years, the accumulated donations of GreatAim Group has been more than 42 million yuan. The Group encourages and supportssubsidiaries at all levels to actively participate in public welfareundertakings and charitable activities, and to spread the positive voice ofpeople of Great Aim Group.

  In the future, GreatAim Property will go all out to unleash the “Power of Community”, participatein consumption poverty alleviation, carry out the production and marketingdocking activities of various agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas,integrate the public welfare promoting agriculture and community services, andexpand the upward channels of poverty-stricken areas with the resourceadvantages of property serving enterprises, to enable poverty-stricken groupsto get rid of poverty steadily, promote the development of industries inpoverty-stricken areas, and win the battle against poverty.