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On June 3, a delegation of the NationalIntelligent Architecture and Residential Quarter Digitization andStandardization Technology Committee of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-RuralDevelopment (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) paid a visit to Shenzhenbranch of Great Aim Group and made an inspection trip to Great Aim Xiyuehuiintelligent community project. The activity was attended by Ma Hong, deputydirector of the Committee, Liu Ying, deputy director of the Committee, LiuZheng, deputy director of Shenzhen Housing and Urban Construction andDevelopment Research Center, Mei Heli, vice president of the board of directorsof Great Aim Group and chairman of Shenzhen branch and Dai Di, vice chairman ofShenzhen branch.

Representativesof Shenzhen branch pose for a photo with the delegation

That day, both sides had an in-depthdiscussion on the technical requirements and process specifications for theestablishment of a green and intelligent community and made an inspection tripto Xiyuehui project. This was an intelligent community project co-built byGreat Aim Group and Tencent with an aim to build the first AI communityfeaturing “intelligent hardware, IoT platform and service interaction” inShenzhen.

A scene of the exchange meeting

It’s introduced that the Xiyuehui projectwill launch an intelligent operation, present data of the project with thestrong support of Tencent IoT and cloud platform and link up the functions ofplatforms such as App, WeChat and mobile end. After the project is completed,it will provide intelligent services at such dimensions as property managementbased on big data, reservation of public space, intelligent control ofelevators and lifts, face recognition smart access control, smart security,sharing of interactive space, project marketing, online leasing of homes,housekeeping service and payment with one key.

Ma Hong, deputy director of the Committee, speaks

MaHong spoke highly of the Xiyuehui project and said that it met relevantrequirements of the nation on a green and intelligent community and was apioneer in the construction of intelligent communities in Shenzhen. Meanwhile,she suggested that relevant departments at the site organized and establishedan expert panel to guide the project during the construction of Xiyuehuiintelligent community, further enhance the project and build it into abenchmark sample of intelligent communities and properties in Shenzhen.

Liu Zheng, deputy director of Shenzhen Housing and UrbanConstruction and Development Research Center, speaks

LiuZheng also looked forward to Xiyuehui project and said that the project met therequirements of Shenzhen for a demonstrative and sample project of intelligentcommunities. He would strive to support the construction of intelligentcommunities according to the policies and national standards. He suggested thatevery aspect of construction of an intelligent community should be consideredin the planning, design and construction of new projects, including energysaving and emission reduction, greening and beautifying, garbage sorting andnew energy utilization.

Mei Heli (2nd from the right) Ma Hong (2nd from the left) Liu Ying (1st from the right) Liu Zheng (1st from the left)

Mei Heli expressed heated welcome to thearrival of the delegation. He said, the era of global digitization had arrived.The trend of real estate will be green and intelligent. Every function such ashousehold appliance, communication system and the use of housing will beintelligent. Whoever avoids intelligence will deviate from the era.

Mei disclosed that at present Xiyuehuiproject is the project with the fastest progress in Shenzhen, which is expectedto be marketed by June 2020. Great Aim Group wished to apply high-tech productsin its real estate development projects. It will promote a brand of intelligentcommunities on the basis of this project.