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The Project Management Exchange and Training Meeting of Real Estate Department of Great Aim Group HeldRelease time:

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 One should try their best with abundantknowledge, and move forward with previous achievements. In the middle of thismonth, the Real Estate Department of Great Aim Group held a project managementexchange and training meeting in the Great Aim Haiyun Xingwan ProjectDepartment to summarize and share project management experience, and improvethe management level of each project. The meeting was hosted by Fei Zhuhui,General Manager of the Shenzhen Company of the Group. The principals of therelevant sections of the Real Estate Department and all project managersattended the meeting.


A scene of the project management exchange andtraining meeting of the Real Estate Department

 To work together and progress together. Thetheme of the meeting was clear and pertinent, and the strategic plan formulatedby Yang Feng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, at the firstmeeting of the Real Estate Department this year was fully implemented.Participants shared their views on site, discussed the measures, their ideasand thoughts, and interacted with each other in a heated atmosphere.

A scene of the project management exchange andtraining meeting of the Real Estate Department

 On May 6th, the entire concrete pouring of Great Aim HaiyunXingwan Project was completed 27 days earlier than the original plan (June 3rd),laying a solid foundation for the fulfillment of the annual plan. HuangZhencheng, the chief engineer of the project, introduced the application of BIMtechnological management.

 He said that the project department adopts BIM technology collaborativemanagement and implements engineering management digitization, which trulyrealizes the high quality, controllability and traceability of the wholeconstruction process, forming a management mode which is templated, procedural,digital and standardized. At the same time, the future project department willform a more complete supervision mechanism and actively perform supervisoryduties to ensure that the nodes at all stages of the project can be completedsmoothly and on time.

A scene of the project management exchange andtraining meeting of the Real Estate Department

As the main body of engineering supervision and management, the ProjectManagement Center of the Group plays an important role in improvingorganizational management maturity, enhancing project success rate andimplementing the Group’s strategy. Zhang Jinsong, director of the projectmanagement center, put forward reasonable suggestions for construction planlayout, construction scheme, construction planning, construction processmanagement, risk pre-control and other aspects. Among them, he mentioned thatthe project department and various functional departments should fullycommunicate and coordinate to realize effective coordination and organization.

Fei Zhuhui, General Manager of the Shenzhen company,presides over the meeting

To make still further progress. Fei Zhuhui, General Manager of theShenzhen company, fully affirmed the learning achievements and capabilities ofeach unit. He emphasized the importance of BIM technological managementapplication, and put forward the directions and requirements for the futurework focus of each project.

At the meeting, GeneralManager Fei Zhuhui shared the top ten mind maps of PMP project management,explained in detail the three modes of thinking of project communication,integration and resource management, and pointed out that “the effective use ofmind maps, flexible use of mind maps will help us to establish systematicthinking and better develop project-assisted plans around key tasks. At thesame time, modern management tools such as WBS (Work Breakdown Structure,)responsibility assignment matrix, risk identification should be widely applied,which have a significant effect on sorting out the work ideas, ordering thework content and improving work efficiency”.

Top ten mind maps for PMP project management

  In addition, General Manager Fei Zhuhuisummarized and analyzed the three core elements of project management:communication management, human resource management and integrated management.He proposed, “Communication runs through the whole process of projectmanagement, and the key to communication management is to control the emotionsof both parties and follow the management-level theory to form a personal andsystematic management method. Firstly, communication should be tailored tolocal conditions and suitable for people. 

  To think from a differentangle, to add appropriate emotions, and to choose the right communicationmethod. Secondly, following the management-level theory, everyone should dotheir best and make the best of people with moderate authorization, supervisionat any time and timely correction, and maintain keen observation. In terms ofresource management, a manager should pay attention to team building, clarifythe division of responsibilities, being a role model to combine leniency withrigidity to implement the AB angle allocation program. In terms of integrationmanagement, horizontal and vertical management should both be implemented, andtheoretical knowledge should be fully utilized in practice to form anindependent management thinking so that the work is clear.”

Communication management mind map for PMP project

Nothing is too trivial to be taken care of, and every word is important.At the end of the meeting, General Manager Fei Zhuhui shared his feeling andexperience of the nine-point project management from work spirit, work attitudeto work methods, and expected the participants to improve themselves in learningand harvest in sharing.

For example, one must have the courage to take responsibility and tochallenge difficulties; the interest in work should be cultivated, so that onecan enjoy working and find happiness in challenges and difficulties. One shouldobserve and explore often in daily life. Resources that can be used forourselves are the real resources. One’s ability to use resources shows his/hercapability and level. The seemingly unrelated resources can become the ones forsolving problems. The ability to be sensitive and correct the deviation duringthe process of the project plays a vital role in the local and overall project.Authorization and supervision are equally important. One should learn to growin learning, to sum up in growth, to control emotions in contradictions and donot shirk the responsibility to others. In the reporting process, one shouldhave clear thinking and quantifiable data, knowing one’s goals in thereporting, to form an alternative plan for leadership decision-making. Oneshould also know how to control the meeting time, be good at summarizing,determining specific principals and completion time.

A scene of the project management exchange andtraining meeting of the Real Estate Department

Paying attention to one point and fighting towards one direction. Inaccordance with the request of Chairman Yang Feng, in 2019, the Real EstateDepartment should “be true to itself”, that is, in accordance with the standardoperation and management of real estate development enterprises, take theinitiative to fulfill the milestone plans scientifically.

With great ambitions, the missionwill certainly be fulfilled. The project management exchange and trainingmeeting provided a platform for each company and functional department tocommunicate with each other, assisting each project to realize scientificmanagement and deepening understanding of project management connotation.Participants said that they will work together to promote the milestones ofeach project, strengthen subjective initiative, speed up the constructionprogress, and ensure the fulfillment of the indicators for 2019.

Text byChen Yongxin

Photo byChen Yongxin