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May Birthday Party of Great Aim Group: Meet and AccompanyRelease time:

The thick clouds, the greentree leaves, the sudden storm, the deafening thunders. The innocent and heatedtouch of summer can be perceived already.

  In May, the breeze is gentleand tender, the rain is sweet and mild, the dew is crystal bright, and theblessing is warm and sincere.

  On May 28, representativeswhose birthday is in May of the Group got together. The co-workers who areworking busily on different posts got together to celebrate their birthday inMay. In chatting and laughter, they had shortened their distance.

Birthday representatives pose for a photo

Hotpot occupies a specialstatus in the cuisine culture of China. With a long history, it could date backto the Warring-states Period. It was known as “Gudong Soup”, which got its namefor the sound “Gudong” when foodstuffs are put into boiling water. According toa textual research, the “wok”, a cultural relic of Eastern Han dynasty,unearthed after the liberation, should be a hotpot.

  The dietary mode is full ofcharm, which is not only popular among ordinary households, but also popular inthe circle of scholars in the ancient time. In the history, there are manypoems about hotpot. For example, the poem by Bai Juyi, a poet in Tang Dynasty, “Thenewly brewed green light rice wine, the small stove made of red mud. It’s coldin the evening, will you come and drink with me?” Here the poem depicts thescene of a hotpot time. Yan Rong, a poet of Qing Dynasty, also vividly depictedthe image of hotpot with a poem, “Sit and enjoy foods around a pot in laughterand chatting, all flavors melted in the small pot”.

Birthday representatives taste longevity noodles

They chose a Chongqinghotpot restaurant to celebrate their birthday. The hotpot in the winter ishighly recommended, yet the real gourmet should be those who enjoy hotpot insummer. Since different people prefer different tastes, a hotpot with doubleflavors was ordered, which included a plain soup pot and a spicy soup pot. Itwas a humanized option.

“No annoyance can’t besolved with a hotpot.” Enjoying hotpot is a best way to shorten distancebetween people. All words are blended into a pot. The relationship among thebirthday representatives was improved with the hotpot.

Birthday cake and card

In the warm yellowcandlelight, the birthday cake of Great Aim was pushed out slowly. It was verywarm at the site. The birthday representatives prayed sincerely and blew outthe candles together. Everyone tasted the cake and offered sincere blessing toeach other, feeling the warmth of a big family in a relaxing and pleasantatmosphere.

The birthday representatives blow out the candlesand cut the cake

Birthday representatives enjoy the entertainment

After the meal, they walked to a VR experience hallto enjoy the entertainment. They had a different visual and audio experienceand enjoyed the fun of virtual reality games to their like.

The collective birthdayparty held by the Group each month not only makes the employees feel the carefrom the leadership, but also reflects the affirmation and gratitude of theGroup for the hard work of the employees. This month, the Group preparedprivate customized gifts for every birthday representative, namely asking whatthey wanted before buying the fits. Compared with the previous mode of lotterydrawing, the birthday representatives said, private gifts appeared morehumanized.

Birthday representatives receive their privategifts

Smiling faces, sincere blessings and gratefulwords...The birthday party has already been more than simply celebration ofbirthday, but become a label of characteristic employee activities of theGroup. The collective birthday party reflects the humanistic care of the Groupfor the employees, providing the employees with a platform to exchanging viewson work and deepening relationship and adding a touch of warmth to the ordinarywork and life.