GoodNews:TheFirstImportantEngineeringNodeofGreatAimHaiyunXingwan’sMilestonePlanFinishedAheadofSchedule_竞博电竞app GoodNews:TheFirstImportantEngineeringNodeofGreatAimHaiyunXingwan’sMilestonePlanFinishedAheadofSchedule_竞博电竞app


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Good News: The First Important Engineering Node of Great Aim Haiyun Xingwan’s Milestone Plan Finished Ahead of ScheduleRelease time:

On May 6, thepouring of concrete for all engineering piles of Great Aim Haiyun Xingwanproject was completed, 27 days earlier than the scheduled date of June 3, whichsignified that the first key engineering node of the project was completedsmoothly and laid a solid foundation for the fulfillment of the annualmilestone plan. It’s reported that in order to smoothly complete theengineering node, at the end of March, the project department of Haiyun Xingwancame up with a slogan “Work hard for a hundred days” and set off a wave of “Buildingthe soul of Xingwan as a member of Great Aim”.

The bugle hassounded for us to forge ahead. The project department has planned ahead ofschedule by making a thoughtful deployment and maintaining a close coordinationwith the project supervision department and general contractor. It hasscientifically and rationally arranged the schedule, optimized the constructionscheme, developed detailed organizational, technical and security measures. Ithas disclosed the safety technology to all staff and workers, controlled everyconstruction step and guaranteed the construction quality and safety.

Construction site of Great Aim Haiyun Xingwanproject

Implementation is more important than deployment.Completing the pouring of concrete for engineering piles was the firstimportant engineering node in the milestone plan of the project. In order toguarantee the fulfillment of the schedule, the project department has organizedand convened a series of special meetings several times to carefully analyzeand study the organizational guarantee and adopted measures for each node andstage in terms of manpower, materials, work steps and technologies.

Gao Jie,general manager of Zhuhai Xingwan Properties Co., Ltd., said that during theinitial stage of construction, the company had made a full preparation in suchaspects as site planning, manpower, machinery, materials and constructionsafety. All people worked around the targets of the general schedule and eachstage, centered on the construction progress management and focusing on controlengineering to effectively guarantee the security, quality and progress wereunder control and provide an effective guarantee for the fulfillment of eachnode. During the construction, the construction technology regulations andacceptance standards had been strictly followed from the digging of foundationpits, pile foundation detection, cushion layer casting to steel bar binding,plywood splicing and pouring of concrete to guarantee that the constructiontasks were advanced under the precondition of guaranteed security, quality andprogress.

A scene of the pouring of concrete for theunderground diaphragm walls

With great ambitions, the mission will certainly befulfilled. According to Deng Hairong, the project manager of Haiyun Xingwan,the project department had set up an emergency coordination leadership teamheaded by the company’s general manager and composed of members including thehead of each department and office, the leadership members of the projectdepartment, the managers of each involved organization. The company haddeveloped a 24-hour shift system of managers and workers, which was clear-cutin contents and division of responsibilities. Meanwhile, it had carried out adaily meeting system to report the daily completion status and the next day’sconstruction plan and arrangement in time. All problems and difficultiesencountered in the construction of the project were jointly solved at thelevels of the project department and the branch.

The construction site of the project in the daytime

The construction site of the project at night

The general manager Gao Jie led all workers andstaff of the project department to settle in the construction site to assumedirect responsibilities for the arrangement of construction workers andguarantee that the number of construction workers could satisfy therequirements of construction. The material procurement department and the materialspecialist of the project department jointly promoted the management ofmaterials. The material specialist received materials delivered at night andchecked and counted the materials during the daytime, guaranteeing that thematerials could satisfy the requirements of construction during theconstruction. Technicians inspect and verify the scaffolds and reinforcingsteel bars during the daytime and managed the construction side stations ofcushion layer concrete and water-proof concrete at night.


A scene of the hosting of the reinforcement cagefor the underground diaphragm walls

At present, the construction of Haiyun Xingwan isgoing on. With a high sense of responsibility and mission, the constructionworkers kept innovating their work mentality, worked actively day and night tofinish the remaining nodes of the construction plan of the project.

On this, GaoJie said, this year Chairman Yang of the Group stressed for times that the realestate department should “return to the right track”, operate and manage thereal estate enterprise according to the regulations, shift from a passive stateto an active state and scientifically implement the milestone plans. Theproject department will indeed unify their thoughts and actions around the decisionsand deployments of the board of directors of the Group. All people will workearnestly to win the tough battle.

Design sketch of Haiyun Xingwan

As a rareunder-construction project of Jida District, Haiyun Xingwan is a boutiqueproject built by the Group with its essence of the past 25 years. Occupying 1.4hectares with a total floor area of about 160,000 , theproject is adjacent to important traffic hubs such as the HongKong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and Zhuhai Jiuzhou Port, characterized as “Futuristicluxury mansions” and integrating intelligence, ecology and luxury into one. Itwill become a new benchmark of seaside mansions and thus has attracted a lot ofattention from the board of directors.

Gao Jie said,under the correct leadership of Chairman Yang which was characterized by “accuratepositioning, deployment in advance”, the leadership of the board of directorsof the Group visited the project department for a deployment for times,followed up the project and showed the advancing direction, and provided apowerful guide of thoughts. All staff of the project will continue to build thesoul of Xingwan by carrying on the Tree-vine spirit, unify their thoughts, firmtheir faith and fight together under a strong sense of responsibility andmission. In this way, they will jointly complete the brand project that is setto be recorded in the development history of Great Aim Group, and indeedguarantee that Great Aim Group advances healthily and continuously along itsstrategic plans and policies.

Text by Li Binghui