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Great Aim Group Sends a Silk Banner to the Municipal Real Estate Registration Center for Its Efficient ServicesRelease time:

“We thank the municipal Real Estate RegistrationCenter for helping and solving problems for Great Aim Group all the time andproviding quality services responsibly.” On the morning of May 17, Cheng Yin,the administrative director of the Group, Chen Xiaoyan, general manager of thesecond department of fund planning, Chen Xiaozhi, director of the culturalpublicity department, etc., sent a silk banner printed with “Servingenterprises wholeheartedly, boosting the economic development selflessly” tothe registration center. Zhang Chuan, Zeng Dejun, deputy directors of theregistration center, Lu Jianzhi, the head of the acceptance department, ChenXianyang, the director of the office, etc., accepted the silk banner on behalfof the registration center.

Scenes like this have been staged frequently at theregistration center, which was only an epitome of the praises won by the centerfor serving the development of enterprises. It’s reported that the registrationcenter makes full use of its functional advantages to handle issues and solvedifficulties for the enterprises, truly promote their sustainable and healthydevelopment, for which it has been widely praised by the enterprises it hasserved.

A silk banner carries a story and concentrates a truelove. Chen Xiaoyan said, in an emergency years ago, the Group needed to proceedwith the property right cancellation for relevant projects immediately. Afterlearning about the request, at 8 pm that day, the staff of the registrationcenter worked overtime to solve the actual difficulty in time. Under a heavyburden of its own tasks, the registration center has worked actively to solvedifficulties and offer suggestions to Great Aim, displaying a high dedicatedand professional spirit.

On this, Zhang Chuan, deputy director of theregistration center, said, this silk banner was not only an affirmation of theenterprise for the work of the center, but more a stimulus for us to improveour work in the future. The center will resolutely implement the requirementsof the “Notification of the State Council on Shortening the Handling Time ofReal Estate Registration” and try to provide the society with efficient,convenient and safe real estate registration services. At present, in Zhuhaithe registration for transfer of real estate is concluded in five working days,the mortgage registration is concluded in three working days, eleven mattersare concluded in one working day. The registration center has fulfilled thenational task of shortening the handling time of real estate registration twoyears ahead of time. With the continuous deepening of the “internet + realestate registration” and the application of intelligent services in the fieldof registration, the efficiency of real estate registration will be furtherimproved to promote the development of substantial economy and improvement ofbusiness environment in the city and contribute strength to the “starting ofnew business” in Zhuhai.

Cheng Yin, the administrative director of the Group,said that in the development of the pas 25 years, Great Aim Group has beenwidely supported by all quarters of the society and always shown respect to theprofessionals working on their posts. A silk banner records the hard work of thestaff and carries the Group’s gratitude for the warm and efficient services ofthe registration center.

Great Aim has been stimulated to forge ahead bravelywith the guidance and help from governments at different levels, tacitunderstanding from our partners and attention and satisfaction from ourclients. In the future, the Group will continue to uphold the corporate spiritof Tree-vine culture, behave as uprightly as a tree and do as steadily as avine. We will not fail the great support from all quarters of society byactively contributing our strength to the development of national economy.